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Made on Nantucket
We specialize in custom
Quarterboards  and Signs. Bring  the kids for a magic hook and to watch a
Master Woodcarver
at work.

All pieces are signed, dated and documented.

Artwork by Jean Petty, Ashlie Emer
y Nantucket Lightship Baskets,
David Petty Ship models, rustic quarterboards, custom signs and folky Bellamy eagles.
Antiques, paintings, prints & vintage signs and of course, carved eagles, whales, fish, mermaids and more. 
Don't see what you want? Ask about having it custom made.

167 Orange Street Nantucket, MA  508 325-7463
mailing address: Nantucket Carving and Folk Art P.O. Box 2375, Nantucket, Ma. 02584
HOURS   Weekly 9:00 till 4:00    Sun - Noon to 3:00

An Incredible Portfolio of Carvings, Illustration, & Folk Art
Paul has been carving on Nantucket for over 23 years. As the only full-time wood carver and quarterboard maker on Nantucket, McCarthy & Petty are responsible for a great deal of the wooden signage and quarter-boards around the island. Their portfolio includes The Jared Coffin House, Little Miss Drama, Nantucket Stock Exchange, The Seagrille, Sylvia Antiques, The Brotherhood of Thieves, Gypsy, Nantucket Brand, the Atlantic Café and the Nantucket Memorial Airport plus speciality custom pieces. It doesn’t stop there; McCarthy's illustration skills and Petty's artistic painting skills make them a unique dynamic team on Nantucket.

Nantucket Carving & Folk Art: Canvasing Nantucket The story behind Nantucket Carving & Folk Art goes back nearly half a century. When woodcarver Paul McCarthy began carving wood as a teenager, he might not have realized that his work would cover an entire island. McCarthy and his business partner Jean Petty create masterpieces in their studio workshop. From quarter-boards proudly naming summer homes, to the magnificent carving at The Whaling Museum depicting “Going on the Whale”, an island keepsake that can be taken home in a miniature form as well, the dynamic team at Nantucket Carving & Folk Art is something everyone should be talking about

Take A Piece of Nantucket Home with You Chances are, you’ve seen their work all around town and not even known it. Business signs that hang from shops all over downtown Nantucket and beyond are hand-carved in their shop. McCarthy’s roots as an illustrator also got him noticed at the annual Boston Pops show, where he won four years in a row creating a graphic for their t-shirts. Nantucket Carving & Folk Art’s gallery contains works of art for sale on display for anyone passing through. Carved birds, whale carvings, magnificent golden eagles, and Jean's amazing paintings and vintage signs adorn their shop, all waiting for you to take a piece of Nantucket heritage home.

In 2005, Jean Petty, Paul McCarthy & Jennifer Marlow were commssioned to do the
"Going on the Whale" carving that adorns the Nantucket Whaling Museum.
In 2006 Paul and Jean became business partners and formed

Going on the Whale Nantucket Whaling Museum
   Original carving prototype

Sign Language: The artful carvings of Paul McCarthy - Nantucket Today 2007
Keeping the Craft Alive - Yesterday's Island - 2007
Secret Island History - chiseled in pine - Nantucket Independent - 2007
Nantucket Carving and Folk Art - a studio of hidden treasures - Nantucket Independent - 2008


artwork & designs by Paul McCarthy, Jean Petty & Nantucket Carving and Folk Art  
All rights reserved © 2006.